Passage is a software and product design studio that designs, crafts and ships products that people love to use.

We Design To Build.

We're on a Journey

A journey to understand your business, technology and what it takes to ship your software product. We strive to create value for your business and customers while creating seamless, beautiful user experiences that people love to use.
Areas of Expertise

Though every project is unique, each one typically progresses through several phases of work. Within each phase, we’re able to tailor our output to meet your specific needs.

Qualitative Customer and User Research, Strategy, Synthesis, Roadmaps, Customer Journeys

Concepts, Architecture, Flows, Wireframes, Visual Design, Animation and Prototypes

Prototype + Test
Low fidelity, high fidelity, Alpha and Beta builds for testing and deployment. We have real people use the product, learn and make it better.

Design Process

Build + Ship
We can move quickly from idea to reality. Our full-stack development sister company, Presence, can deploy any software product we design.


Curt Collinsworth
CEO, Founder

Curt has over 25 years experience in design, creating and running UX and software design teams. Most recently he was the Global Head of UX and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Logitech where he started and grew the first UX team there to 30 people across 3 continents. Curt has also worked at some of the best design consultancies in the world running their creative and UX teams, including fuseproject in San Francisco, CA, and frog design in Stuttgart, Germany.

Brett Middleton
VP, Design

Brett has over 15 years of experience in UX, Product and Visual Design. Brett has lead design and built design teams across the world— championing craft in the pursuit of clean, considered products that build businesses and win awards. Most recently, he was Director of UX EMEA for Logitech in Switzerland. Before Logitech, Brett worked alongside Yves Béhar and the team at fuseproject in San Francisco, leading the design of connected products for August Smart Home, Herman Miller and Samsung.

Zack Simons
VP, Design

Zack has over a decade of experience leading design and delivering exceptionally well-crafted software and hardware products. Most recently he led teams of UX designers at InVision and WeWork. Prior to that he led UX for several business groups at Logitech including Jaybird and Ultimate Ears. Zack has also spent time at some of the top product design consultancies in the world including Ammunition and Punchcut in San Francisco, CA.

Passage is new studio but we have nearly a decade of success working together as a team in a variety of environments. We have a proven track record of bringing ideas to market that create enduring value for our partners and the people that use their products.

Let's Get To Work.